Did you know that you can use this tool to ‘build’ skills?

This tool is referred to as Alexa skills development.  When using Alexa tools, a built-in capability is referred to as a ‘skill.’  Alexa has many skills including the ability to play music off of Pandora from Facebook, and off of YouTube.  Alexa is commonly advertised as a device which answers’ people’s pressing questions about any topic, and the Alexa skills development kit is capable of doing this as well.  These are just some of its many built-in capabilities.

There is a product called the Alexa skills kit.  This product is valuable because it allows users to teach Alexa new skills.  Users can use this kit to build brand new skills for Alexa.  This process occurs in a series of steps:

Step # 1 – decide what the desired new skill will be

Different skills require different skill types, and hence different components.  The user should know what the desired skill he or she wants to create is beforehand for this reason.

Step # 2 – decide which skill to build

This step is not as straightforward as it initially seems to be because the user is building a cloud based service which will handle his or her inquiries in the cloud.   It is for this reason that different skills will need different services which Alexa provides.  For example, users wanting to build custom skills would use a web service to do so because it is capable of running code in the cloud without the need for bulky and complex servers.

Because Alexa is a device, it can be used for devices other than computers.  For example, skills can be created which will turn lights on and off in homes.  However, this users must know how to build skills before they can create them.  This article provides some insights into this!

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