If you want to build a website people will notice, use this…

This technology is ASP.NET – MVC Development.  It is a platform which is built on the same logic and technology as its predecessor ASP.NET.

However, it is different because of the more advanced functionality it offers its users – web masters, and website developers.  Most web developers and webmasters understand that any website is composed of three roles or layers.

They are the model – this can be considered to be the business layer, the view – this is the display layer, and the controller – the developer controls interactions and updates in the website to reflect any necessary changes the website’s visitors may demand.

With ASP.NET – MVC Development, a model represents a particular part of the entire web application.  For example, the model would be considered to be the part of the website visible to the general public.

ASP.NET – MVC Development explained in detail :

Because ASP.NET – MVC Development is versatile, it can be viewed on a wide range of view engine frameworks, including:  the razor, and the Web forms.

It has three layers which allow the website to attract hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors a day because these layers are what give the website its responsiveness and dynamism.

Because the ASP.NET – MVC Development platform comes with a light framework, it is easily tested – this is important for businesses because they tend to want websites that are perfect.

Also, because it is an upgraded version of ASP.NET, it comes with all ASP,NET features fully integrated making programming and designing websites a very quick, easy, and pleasant experience.

ASP.NET – MVC Development is the new generation of open source platforms on which web developers and webmasters can design, program, and develop websites.  Its many versions since its initial release in 2009 has meant that this platform is ‘here to stay.

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