How Amazon’s new cloud is reshaping business

Information Technology is a relatively new field which is still growing, expanding, and evolving.  The latest development in information technology is Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is a secure platform which operates on the cloud.  AWS is an all-in-one platform in many ways since it offers its users computing power, database storage, content functionality ,and other vital functions for businesses.  Because AWS is a platform it offers its users a vast range of products and services which they can use to build flexible, scalable, and reliable applications for their many business functions and operations.

Why AWS?

AWS functionalities are vast and all-inclusive because they offer many cloud compatible products and services which dramatically improve their functionality, efficiency, and profitability,  All of this helps the businesses that use AWS products and services become first movers in their industries, and develop and sustain the competitive advantage they need to remain operational in their industries in the short and long-term basis!  These products include;  compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, enterprise applications, and security.

How AWS is changing the business landscape forever…

Businesses no longer need to hire expensive in-house IT teams or consultants to help their businesses function better with IT with AWS because Amazon Web Service’s products and services will do all of this for them and more!  All of AWS products and services are scalable, and businesses only pay for the infrastructure, products, and services that they actually use.  In this sense, having AWS is like having a complete hardware, software, and infrastructure solution available at your fingertips at a fraction of the price!

Any business in any industry can avail AWS products and services to transform itself and its industry for the better.  Indeed, from warehousing to content delivery, AWS offers companies the tools they need to start up, expand, or become more competitive – the possibilities and uses are literally endless!   What’s more is that AWS is full of many resources which help startups and small businesses establish themselves and expand!  They can do all of this without sinking thousands if not hundreds of thousands of precious dollars on expensive IT infrastructure, and the knowledge (which is usually delivered by consultants) needed to operate the infrastructure effectively!  These types of businesses can now use the resources and knowledge that AWS offers to be flexible and respond to their rapidly changing and dynamic business environments!

More features enable businesses to customize and become different

AWS offers large databases allowing small companies to have the same storage capacity that was previously only available to the largest of companies.  Additionally, AWS offers businesses security encryption, server configuration, and powerful data analytical tools that allow them to build and defend their competitive positions in the market.  They can use the data analytical tools to better understand their position in their industries.  They can integrate security encryption with customer service to provide their customers with valuable customer support while safeguarding their sensitive information!

These are just a few of the many products and services that AWS offers which are rapidly transforming the business landscape in every industry imaginable!

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