Most of the people do not go on the second, third or other pages of their result page on search engine. Usually, the query, problem or search of an online visitor is fulfilled on the first result page of the Google. Hence as an owner of a website, web page, web content etc I would want my page to high rankings and the page should be available on the first page of the Google. So how can a person achieve that? People need to understand a few things to achieve a place on the first page of the famous search engine – Google.

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  • Unique content  : If you want any piece of information, one major issue that people face is getting fresh crisp and informative content! People these days have used words spinning through which the same message is given in some different words. Hence there is a lack of original and fresh content. If you want to increase the visibility of your page, try to be more creative, informative and provide fresh content.
  • SEO Keywords : One important aspect of gaining more reviews is the usage of SEO keywords. The simplest tool is Google keyword planner wherein you will get to know which word has been searched more and has higher visibility. Try to use the keywords and related words in the starting of the page so that the reader can connect to the write-up easily. And always remember not to “Over-use” the set of SEO keywords.
  • Tags and titles : Use them smartly To get high visibility, you can consider using the keywords in the titles and tags so that the reader instantly gets to know about information he is looking for.
  • Keyword in the URL : Many companies are using their keywords in the URL itself and it has been a proven trick to get better visibility.
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