Kentico CMS

With this platform, thou shalt always sell!

What is ‘this platform?’  Why it is Kentico CMS, and it is primarily used for websites engaged in E-commerce.  E – commerce has evolved a great deal from its initial heady days as being the ‘darling’ of the dot.coms.  Today, E – commerce involves digital marketing, and since most people shop online through portable digital devices, any E-commerce website must run on a powerful enough platform, and with powerful enough technology to enable it to be responsive, quick, and smooth running to ensure that visitors always have a pleasant shopping and browsing experience.  Satisfied visitors make repeat purchases, and make referrals – this brings in even more business for online stores.

Why Kentico CMS?

E – commerce store owners need Kentico CMS now more than ever because E – commerce has evolved over the past 17 years, and now places more demands on online store websites.  Kentico CMS is open sourced, meaning that anyone can modify it or make changes to it.  Additionally, it is user friendly and comes with extensive and comprehensive training enabling even those novices in terms of website development to create stunning websites that rival the creations of seasoned website developers.  Kentico CMS comes in many training modules and the beginner training module allows novices and experienced web developers alike to create entire websites, replete with landing pages, and supporting pages with ease.

More about Kentico CMS :

The platform allows its users to easily create page layouts, page types, and page templates for professional looking websites which will attract even the most demanding visitors.  Web developers can use the built in widgets to customize their websites any way they want without knowing extensive knowledge of complex programming languages.  Additionally, web developers can add CSS style and the popular programming language Java Script to their websites to make them rock!

As is obvious, Kentico CMS is a versatile web development platform which allows anyone to use it and create impressive and professional looking websites with ease.  The best part of Kentico CMS is that it is compatible will ASP. NET meaning that it can be used to create any website imaginable!

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