Logo designing is a graphic element design often including a name, symbol or trademark which represents an organization or product. It’s majorly the face of the company. The logo should be based on the concept of your company in the sense what is your company about that would be reflected and understood by the people in its own way through the particular logo you have.

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The logo helps to identify the person, product, business or service you are designing it for. Even you will notice a logo made on the letterheads so it describes the true value of the company in its own way.

Few people confuse the logo with art but its not an art form since logos are a visual objects.

Logos can be designed even by yourself since now-a-days, there are many tools which you can find not only in computers but your mobile phones too which would help you to learn how to create a logo and that is quite an easy job too. Otherwise Logo designers can create logo for you according to your need.

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A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form and it conveys exactly what is needed to be conveyed to the particular person. Its not about designing the logo beautifully but how a logo can define its own self is the main concept behind a logo design.  

There are three parts to a simple logo:

  • The graphic
  • The type face
  • The color palette

Since there are variety of trends coming in and you would notice how technology has been upgraded so you can anyway change these three according to your need.

 There comes the types of logos and they are:

  • Wordmark logo
  • Letter mark logo
  • Pictorial mark logo
  • The emblem
  • Logo symbols
  • Abstract logo mark
  • Mascots
  • The combination mark

All these logos have their own specifications and uniqueness and are used in the market for different purposes. For instance, you must have noticed the logo of the companies like NIKE, ADIDAS and many others, they have their own style and are distinctive in its own way moreover the logo helps to define a brand value through its own way.

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