The B2B solution which means an arrangement of products or services is exchanged between the businesses, which is mostly used for Online shopping. We have drivers for B2B e-commerce, which is classified into two categories, such as efficiency and opportunity. We provide efficiency from making business transactions to be more quick and easy, while the opportunity is by adding value and improving service as well as holding new sales channels like mobiles. Digital Marketing Ustaad helps to transfer your business buyer experience to improve loyalty, reduce costs, as well as drive new growth. By using Magento B2B solution, we empower your business customers with the ability to create multiple customer accounts, set up multiple buyers and responsibilities with ease self-service tools

Magento B2B eCommerce Solutions Company India | Official Magento Partner Save Cost With Digital Ustaad

We are worked on a few Magento B2B implementation like some organizations, technologies as well as integrating trade purchase capabilities.

Features of Magento B2B solutions provided by Digital Marketing Ustaad

  • Multiple User Accounts
  • Customer specific catalog
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Quick order
  • Payment Terms, Bill pay, Credit Limits
  • Cross-Channel Management
  • Support multiple warehouses
  • Bulk and Product re-ordering
  • Buyer dashboards

We are helping to present the products in a way, which is more attractive to the buyers. Digital Ustaad offers additional benefits are

  • Multi-store, Multi-currency, and Multi-language
  • Customer groups
  • Payment and shipping support
  • Built-in Quotation
  • Integrated API support
  • Strong search capabilities

Our company promotes Magento B2B e-commerce website that presents the opportunity to offer a lot to attract and persuade the customers. And we also support their need for information.

Our developers have well versed Magento’s functionalities and also can add on them with good services as well as ensuring the success of your venture.

We assign custom catalogs and pricing to meet the terms of the contract and also maximizing sales by accepting payments on account. We are providing self-service tools for customers to manage company accounts easily, as well as credit, quotes, and purchases.

We are enabled to quick ordering by entering multiple tasks and multiple buyers with permissions as per the company.

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