Magento WordPress Integration, which allows you to add any Magneto blocks to the WordPress Theme, which includes once you created and their static blocks created through the admin area.

Digital Ustaad team integrates a WordPress blog into the magento e-commerce store with the free extension and also seek out and why is the no.1 blogging extension for Magento.  We are helping you to improve the SEO and publish perfect content, by using the primary extension of WordPress integration as well as used by thousands of Magento stores. We provide an extremely user-friendly interface that allows users of all levels to use this platform.

Here, We Digital Ustaad provides some features Magento WordPress Integration. They are:

  • Theme Integration
  • Completely free extension
  • Post product association
  • CMS as a WordPress
  • WordPress  shortcodes
  • Plugin Support

We create and manage multiple blogs from a single WordPress and integrate a blog into a different Magneto store. We use different languages for each blog, so it is perfect also for Multi-language sites, as well as provide blog has a completely different domain and URL.

Our developers improve the usability of your e-commerce store by providing single sign-on for your Magento WordPress blog. We provide options for synchronizing your Magneto WordPress users and customers transparently with the extension, which provides truly seamless integration.

Easily Integrate Magento Theme with WordPress for eCommerce Website Services in Delhi, India

By integrating WordPress and Magento, we can integrate your themes, increase the ease of navigation between the two platforms as well as break down any barriers to order completion.

Additionally, we promote more benefits of Magento WordPress Integration,

  • Versatility
  • Store themes
  • Share features and components from any platform(Magento a WordPress)
  • Increase SEO of e-commerce products
  • Create a flawless blog-to-cart user experience
  • Single Login Option and Increase UEX
  • Increasing growth opportunities.

We provide a service through a business blog, so you can connect with your intended customers and also you can top in search engine rankings. That’s why our webmasters prefer the idea of Magento WordPress. We recommend this integration for Long-lasting results. Moreover, our company helps to gain both benefits of platforms.


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