Essentially, Mean Stack is a software bundle, which can help developers to build hybrid applications that are efficient in the short amount of time.

Typically, the Mean stack is a collection of JavaScript-based web development technologies, which includes MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS.

Here, MEAN stands for ‘MongoDB Express.js Angular.js Node.js’.

Digital Ustaad leverage the MEAN to develop lightweight and high performance which includes social networking portals, gaming portals, fast and scalable APIs, E-commerce website and video streaming platforms. Let us discuss those MEAN stack Composition

MongoDB Development

MongoDB is a document-oriented database that provides, high performance, availability, and scalability, which works on the concept of collection and document. Our Mongo developers having created multiple applications using dynamic schema which, can able to index data quickly with auto-sharding. Our MongoDB development, reduce the traditional RDBMS and helps to build the products faster.

NoSQL nature of MongoDB enables you to quickly change and adjust the data layer without worry about migrations. It is a very valuable attribute, while you are trying to develop a product without clear specifications.

Express.js Development

Express.js is a flexible Node.js and minimal web application framework that provides a robust set of aspects for web and mobile applications as well. Express.js and Node.js gave newfound back-end functionality, which allows developers to develop software with JavaScript on the server side.

AngularJS  Development

Angularjs is a Structural framework for web applications. Use HTML as a Template language and extend HTML syntax to clearly show your application components. Digital Media Ustaad has extensively used Angular JS for developing intuitive front-end interfaces with MVC capabilities and RESTful API’s. We can develop interactive server-side applications with UI using Java, simultaneously.

Node.js Development

JavaScript runtime, which built on Chrome’s VB JavaScript engine, it uses non-blocking I/O that makes it efficient and lightweight model. Node.js enables you to use JavaScript on both back-end and front-end, which can you from learning a separate language.

The best part of the MAN stack development is that it not mobile-centric and run on all OS.

Our Digital Ustaad creates best MEAN stack applications that run on various platforms.

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