Native paid advertising slightly differs from the regular, conventional PPC advertisements in a way in which the feel and functionality of the format used appear like general media content. These kinds of advertisements are frequently seen in social media feeds or on a web page s a recommended content.

Differing from the general format of Google paid advertisements like display ads or banner ads, native paid advertising looks more like the editorial stream-flow of a particular page. The nature of native paid advertising is that of a non-disruptive one and reveals itself to the audiences as an advertising content yet in an annoying pop-up manner.

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Interestingly, in a recently conducted survey, it was found that native paid advertising actually works. When compared with viewers’ approach towards looking at various advertisements online, the statistical figure came out to be 53% in the case of native paid advertising rather than the display ads. With a hike in the purchase intent by almost 18%, native paid advertising undoubtedly involves an increased rate of visual engagement.

There is a concept called ad fatigue. When a viewer gets extremely bored going over the same lot of advertisements, he or she might struggle through ad fatigue. This turns out to be detrimental for the marketers who are trying the conventional PPC ad methods as after a certain time no further attention is paid to these advertisements by the viewing audiences.

This is where native paid advertising marks itself as a great help. Due to the editorial nature of the content, these native advertisements do not tire the audiences with constant popping up of ads. If the content is appropriate and engaging, native advertisement succeeds in holding back the viewers’ attention thereby adding a prospect to the marketer.

Paving way to a better form of advertising, native paid advertising is creating a significant demand in the advertising industry. Due to this, many native paid advertising companies are enabling themselves to come forward in the competitive market. But the catch here, not all of them are sufficiently reliable. When investing, one would obviously opt for the prime one rather than choosing a substandard one to put their investment at stake.

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