No. of Keywords 100 200 300
Text Adds yes yes yes
Geo targeting Setup yes yes yes
Conversion Tracking yes yes yes
Banner Ads no 1 Set 3 Set
Campaign Management
Ad Copy Optimization yes yes yes
Keyword Bid Optimization yes yes yes
Competitor Analysis no yes yes
Keyword Optimization yes yes yes
Value Ads
A/B Testing no no yes
Landing Page Optimization Consultation Consultation Design & Consultation
ROI Analysis no yes yes
Analytics Setup
Google Analytics Setup Basic Basic Advanced
& Ecommerce
Reporting & Support
Reports Monthly Monthly Monthly
Advanced Reports no yes yes
Recommended Time 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Support Email & Chat Email & Chat Email, chat & Phone
Dedicated Account Manager no no yes
Cost Per Month Minimum of USD150
12% of the Adbudget whichever is higher.
Minimum of USD300
or 12% of the Adbudget whichever is higher.
Minimum of USD500
or 12% of the Adbudget whichever is higher.
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In a flourishing digitized market, the power and dominance of PPC are tremendous. According to a recent survey, almost 90% of businesses are now focusing on online promotions, which are helping them to earn higher sales and more customers. Observing such a scenario, one of the most promising brands for retaining excellent PPC standards is DIGITAL USTAAD.

Empowering businesses with the ammunition they need for online showcasing of their products and services, DIGITAL USTAAD stands out as an exceptional name. the skilled team of professionals has chalked out various PPC management packages that are essential for your brand’s online growth, profit, and customer retention.

An In-Depth Understanding of the PPC Packages in India

Accountable Managerial System

From the initial days of assignment, DIGITAL USTAAD ensures that their client has a responsible account manager who shall be assigned in running the entire procedure.

PPC Set-Up

Using the best skill set and standards, DIGITAL USTAAD will be gearing up with your PPC campaigns throughout.

Keyword Matrix

Aligning with your business motives and goals, DIGITAL USTAAD brainstorms their minds in keyword researching and identifying potential keywords via which the customers find you sooner and easier.


While DIGITAL USTAAD is immersed in running your campaign, it also looks after necessary advertisement texts that are inclusive of the PPC pricing packages, to run those campaigns without even bothering the clients about it. Image and video advertisements are something that DIGITAL USTAAD keeps working on and improvising for earning better results from PPC campaigns.

Analytics Integration

The performance results need to be well scrutinized. DIGITAL USTAAD knows the best ways to do so. Working on Google Analytics, DIGITAL USTAAD monitors the results coming from the PPC campaigns and tracks it for better in-depth insights.

Monitoring Conversion

Ensuring what can work best for your PPC campaigning, conversion tracking is essential. Conversion tracking is like a navigating route map that helps to find you the destination sooner without getting lost uselessly. DIGITAL USTAAD ensures that your PPC campaign’s conversion charts are working well.

Mobile Promotions

More than desktop, viewers are not getting more comfortable and handy in using a mobile phone. Keeping this in mind DIGITAL USTAAD strategizes PPC campaign to target viewers over their mobiles and tablets.

Progress Updates

This is one of the most vital in the PPC Services Packages. DIGITAL USTAAD prepares an extensive, detailed progressive report to maintain complete transparency of the work progress. In doing so DIGITAL USTAAD maintains a healthy balance with their clients.