React Native App Development

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Are you looking for react native app development services? If yes then we are here to serve you the best react native app development services. React native is a technology makes you develop an app using Java-script and the applications created using react native can run on multiple platforms. React native use the same fundamental structures and building blocks for both IOS and Android applications. Apart from this feature, it also helps you to build the application faster and quicker as you don’t need to recompile the application over and over again.

The components of React native are used in Java and in Objective- C. The components of the coding can be reused. You can also drop down a particular component of the application coding for optimizing the performance of the mobile application. Other than this, you can use your developer skills to create IOS and Android compatible mobile applications.

So, what exactly React Native App Development is?

Facebook was facing a problem because of the higher number of visitors and more traffic. They were facing problem in redesigning of the application as they want a quicker method to redesign the application that can handle higher traffic. Then the team of Facebook starts working at Java-script library and then later that java-script library is known as reacting native and all of us gets more robust and faster way of redesigning of the mobile application.

However, initially the team of the facebook has developed react native just to support IOS but now the library is supporting both the IOS and Android operating system. Now a single code can be used to create an application for both the platforms named as IOS and Android. Both the versions of the applications can be created by a single team and only one coding structure can be used in creating an application for different platforms.   


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