It is different from the regular websites, its a  form of a modern e-commerce system. It is implemented differently depending upon the scale of a company using it :

If it’s a small scale company where you sell to 100 or 500 products then you just paste a normal order button on your regular site and when a customer selects something she’ll be taken to a completely different webpage where all transactions are made. This separate page is a cart.

If it is a large scale then you have many things to handle as you will be selling more than 1000 different products and you have to manage the complete catalog that would be done by a proper software, known as store building system. It has the following different components :

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First, When a customer buys some product then, product selection feature needs to allow Sally Shopper to add or remove products from her cart and to indicate quantity. Nearly every carts these days allow here to indicate two or three options for each product, such as an extra large (size) green (color) flannel shirt. Imagine choosing shoes (size, width, color) or window blinds (color, height, width). A few carts even allow sales for fractions of a unit, such as when buying cloth or lumber.

A growing number of store-building systems shows the items in the cart and a running total amount on each page. This helps customers remember at which level they are in the ordering process.

Second, All the necessary calculations regarding the shipping charges,taxes, and others are done on its own and only the final price including all will be displayed.Another important feature which shows the secure characteristic of this cart is they provide the customer with both on-screen and e-mail receipts to confirm the purchase. Only some of the carts provide e-mail confirmation of shipping.

Third, All the details regarding the product are stored in a file which is known as the database of the system.

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Nearly all carts have an online database that includes, at a minimum, SKU (item number), product name, price, and weight. But one of the most important low-end carts, PayPal, doesn’t use an online database. All of the product details are stored in the HTML order button. When a customer selects the order button, the product information is transmitted to PayPal to initiate a transaction.

The danger of this approach is fraud. It is quite possible for an unscrupulous shopper to copy the product webpage, and do any of two things:

Change the price encoded into the order button. Then click on the altered order button. You may not even consider the price change and deliver the product at a substantial “discount.”

Observe the URL of the thank you or download page where an electronically delivered product is delivered and go there to download the item without considering to pay at all.

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Final one includes the system software that will help you manage your online catalog provides ways to upload product images and place them on a product page. The product database will show the filename of each graphic associated with it.

A few programs simplify your work by automatically creating thumbnail photos from your available product photos. Sometimes they also show up in the cart so the customer can literally see what he or she has ordered or is going to order. These thumbnails can then be used on sectional pages so the customer can browse them visually.

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