The reasons why WooCommerce is the new E-commerce ‘wonderchild!’

WooCommerce is a plugin for online stores which operates on a WordPress platform.  It gives the online stores that it is installed on powerful features which help them run more efficiently and drive online traffic and conversions as a result.

The beauty of the WooCommerce plugin is that it is open source, meaning that it is free to use. The plugin can be customized to suit the needs and desires of the online store owner.  Online store owners have unlimited options in terms of E-commerce with this plugin.

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WooCommerce is one of the most widely used E-commerce plugins in the world because it operates on WordPress which is the most widely used online platform in the world – approximately 26% of online stores and websites are powered by WordPress software.

The plugin completely integrates with the content on the website on which it is installed, meaning that all features an online store owner would need to operate his or her store are available immediately.

WooCommerce operates off of modules allowing online store owners to add only those features that they need and want to use for their online store.  It is WordPress compatible allowing store owners to retain their existing WordPress features.

WooCommerce’s open and comprehensive nature allows online store owners to sell any good imaginable.  It also has a high bandwidth allowing it to handle an unlimited number of products, users, and orders.

Its open and highly compatible nature makes it one of the most widely and heavily used E-commerce store plugins in the world.  This allows for a great deal of cooperation and collaboration for E-commerce store owners globally.

However, the usefulness of WooCommerce does not end there.  The E-commerce plugin is also useful and valuable for developers because it is built and powered off of the basic and fundamental principles which power WordPress.

Verticals of WooCommerce eCommerce Website Development

  • Retail & WooCommerce
  • E-Learning Solutions
  • Social Networks Solutions
  • Travel & Tourism Solutions
  • Logistics & Transport Solutions
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Healthcare App Solutions
  • Banking & Finance Solutions
  • Automotive Solutions

This makes using WooCommerce features very easy for users who are already familiar with WordPress’s features and functionality! This amazing feature allows developers to retain their favorite WordPress features while integrating the amazing features of WooCommerce!

Additionally, its open source nature means that any developer in the world can contribute to its great features and functionality. The open source nature of this eCommerce plugin also allows for global collaboration on the part of developers.

WooCommerce comes with more than 400 built-in plugins allowing for a wide variety of E-commerce online store functions ranging from advertising to sales to be supported on existing online stores.  Also, because WooCommerce uses many of the features that developers are already familiar with, it is easy for developers to use and integrate with online stores.

As is evident, WooCommerce is a powerful plug-in offering online store owners a myriad of options and features in terms of operating their online stores.

WooCommerce is compatible with any online store website, and its wide variety of features allow even novice online store owners to easily build their own online stores and attract traffic and customers without needing a webmaster to help them!  WooCommerce is indeed a versatile ‘wonderchild’ in terms of E-commerce plugins!

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